Category: Irish Lab Members

  • Dr. Brent Ferrell now Assistant Professor of Medicine

    Congratulations to Irish lab alum Brent Ferrell on his promotion to Assistant Professor of Medicine and for launching the Ferrell lab (supported by NIH/NHLBI K23 HL138291)!  Dr. Ferrell has a Ferrell lab webpage and an official faculty webpage now!

  • PhD Defense: Congratulations Dr. Wogsland!

    Cara E. Wogsland defended her Ph.D. thesis entitled Systems Biology of Mature Human B cells in Health and Illness at Vanderbilt University, USA.  Cara joined in May 2012 and defended in May 2017 and spent ~6 years in graduate school. Cara’s publications include a first author paper in Cytometry and co-authored papers in Journal of Immunology and Nature Methods.  Congratulations!

  • Award for Huse: ISAC Marylou Ingram Scholar

    Congratulations to Kanutte Huse, a new 2017-2021 ISAC Marylou Ingram Scholar! This five-year program provides ISAC Marylou Ingram Scholars with complimentary membership in the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC), a subscription to Cytometry, and complimentary registration and partial travel funds to attend CYTO. See the full list of Scholars at ISAC’s website.

  • Award for Leelatian: AACR Brain Tumor Association Scholar in Training

    Congratulations Nalin Leelatian on the AACR Brain Tumor Association Scholar in Training award for the work you presented at AACR 2017! Leelatian N, Sinnaeve J, Mobley BC, Mistry AM, Liu D, Weaver KD, Thompson RC, Chambless LB, Ihrie RA, Irish JM. Mass cytometry of human glioblastoma characterizes more than 99 percent of cells and reveals…

  • Video: Dr. Irish describes the lab

    March 30, 2017: short video of Dr. Jonathan Irish describing the lab and research with views of the lab (and cameos of Allie, Nalin, & Caroline):

  • Published: Wogsland et al., Cytometry B 2017

    Congratulations to Cara Wogsland and Kanutte Huse (corresponding) and co-authors on this publication! Wogsland CE, Greenplate AR, Kolstad A, Myklebust JH, Irish JM, Huse K. Mass Cytometry of Follicular Lymphoma Tumors Reveals Intrinsic Heterogeneity in Proteins Including HLA‐DR and a Deficit in Nonmalignant Plasmablast and Germinal Center B‐Cell Populations. Cytometry B 2017 Jan; 92(1):79-87. PMC5506779. Pubmed.…

  • PhD Defense: Congratulations Dr. Diggins!

    Kirsten E. Diggins defended her Ph.D. thesis entitled Quantifying Cellular Heterogeneity in Cancer and the Microenvironment (PDF) in the Department of Cancer Biology at Vanderbilt University.  Kirsten joined in May 2013 and defended in November 2011 and spent ~4.5 years in graduate school.  Kirsten’s publications include first author papers in Methods, Nature Methods and many collaborative manuscripts.  Congratulations!…

  • Award for Diggins: Best Poster CYTO 2016!

    Congratulations to Kirsten Diggins for her Best Poster at CYTO 2016! This work describing Marker Enrichment Modeling (MEM) went on to be published in Nature Methods in 2017.

  • Published: Greenplate et al., Cancer Immunology Research 2016

    Congratulations to Allison Greenplate & Brent Ferrell (co-corresponding) and co-authors on this publication! Greenplate AR, Johnson DB, Roussel M, Savona MR, Sosman JA, Puzanov I, Ferrell PB*, Irish JM*. Myelodysplastic Syndrome Revealed by Systems Immunology in a Melanoma Patient Undergoing Anti–PD-1 Therapy, Cancer Immunology Research  2016. PMC4891280. Pubmed. DOI. *Co-corresponding. ► This peer-reviewed research study describes a…

  • Published: Diggins et al., Methods 2015

    Congratulations to Kirsten Diggins and Brent Ferrell on this publication! Diggins KE, Ferrell PB, Irish JM. Methods for discovery and characterization of cell subsets in high dimensional mass cytometry data. Methods 2015. PMC4468028. Pubmed. DOI. ► This peer-reviewed methods development research described an automated, modular workflow for unsupervised mass cytometry data analysis based on t-SNE/viSNE, clustering,…